Review the “Change Management Models Matrix” and other study materials to identify which change model you will utilize to manage organizational change. Bus 470 Week 3 Stakeholder Analysis

Review the “Change Management Models Matrix” and other study materials to identify which change model you will utilize to manage organizational change. Write 500-750 words in which you explain how you will address the following organizational issues prior to implementing the problem solution you have selected.

Identify the change model you selected and provide a rationale for how this model will be the most effective for managing the organizational change related to your action research project.
Describe how you will create employee buy-in (“What’s in it for me?”) to address the problem using your solution.
Describe the resources (systems, technology, training, etc.) needed to implement the solution.
Explain the methods you will use for addressing employee resistance to change.
This summary will be used as part of the Business Proposal Presentation in Topic 7 and within the Final Business Proposal in Topic 8. Evidence of revision from instructor feedback will be assessed on the final business proposal.

Bus 470 Week 3 Stakeholder Analysis

Identify the Change Model You Selected and Provide a Rationale for How This Model Will be the Most Effective for Managing the Organizational Change Related to Your Action Research Project

For my action research project, I have selected John Kotter’s 8-Step Process for Leading Organizational Change. This model is particularly effective in managing organizational change because it takes a holistic approach to addressing the problem by focusing on both individual and organization-wide levels of change. The 8 steps are designed to provide guidance throughout each stage of the process, from recognizing there is an issue that needs to be addressed all the way through implementing and sustaining successful change within an organization. Additionally, this model emphasizes how important it is to engage stakeholders throughout each step in order to ensure success.

By utilizing this model, my goal is to create an environment where everyone involved understands why changes are being made and can work together towards achieving our desired outcomes. Through effective communication and collaboration at each step, this model will enable organizations to look beyond just implementing solutions but also put long-term plans into place that will ensure lasting positive impact on their business operations.

Describe How You Will Create Employee Buy-In (“What’s in It For Me?”) To Address The Problem Using Your Solution

Creating employee buy-in is essential when attempting to successfully implement any kind of organizational change. In order for employees to accept a proposed solution or new course of action, they must first understand what benefits it holds for them personally as well as for the organization overall. As such, I will use several strategies during each phase of Kotter’s 8-step process in order create buy-in among employees:
1) Involvement: Employees should be given early access to information about potential solutions so they understand why changes need occur and how their participation can help;
2) Communication: Open dialogue between management and employees should be established by encouraging feedback about ideas or suggestions related to implementation;
3) Training & Development Opportunities: Employees should be provided with additional training opportunities related to their role in facilitating successful implementation;
4) Rewards & Recognition: Rewarding behavior that reflects commitment towards achieving desired outcomes helps motivate individuals by reinforcing positive results; 5) Transparency : Being transparent in decision making processes helps build trust between leadership teams and their support staff which contributes positively towards employee engagement efforts; 6) Celebrations: Celebrating successes along the way keeps morale high while helping maintain focus on objectives set at beginning stages of process.

Describe The Resources (Systems Technology Training Etc.) Needed To Implement The Solution

In order implement my selected solution effectively there are several resources needed including systems technology training etc.: 1) Systems & Technology : Adopting newer technologies or upgrading existing IT infrastructure may be necessary depending upon requirements outlined within scope of project – from installing software applications that support data collection/ tracking activities required managing project timelines more effectively connecting different tasks together etc.; 2) Human Resources : Hiring additional personnel may be necessary if current staff does not possess necessary skill sets required performing certain tasks either externally or internally– these could range from temporary contractors full time permanent employees dedicated solely onto project manager and other roles depending upon size complexity of initiative taken up ; 3 ) Training : Supporting professional development programmes either internally – via company sponsored initiatives – externally – via privateorganisations suppliers -could help bolster skillsets needed push through completion milestones set outbeforehand ; 4 ) Communications Infrastructure : Establishing communication platforms acrossdepartments can assist greatly with disseminatinginformation keeping all stakeholders apprised progressmade developments taking shape behind scenes–this could include using intranet portals emailsocial media outlets alike .

Explain The Methods You Will Use For Addressing Employee Resistance To Change

Addressing employee resistance is critical when attempting manage organizational change successfully thus following various methodologies serve purpose here : 1 ) Education & Awareness Campaigns : Educatingindividualsaboutimportanceofchangesbeingimplementedgoalongwaytowardsencouragingacceptance thus launching campaignstarget specific audiences key messages aligned with vision driving force behindprojecthelpalleviatefearsofunknown ease transition ; 2 ) Communication Strategies Employed specifically each step process should be carried out using multimodal communicationsplatformscaterdiversesegments audience present relevant materialsbestsuitingtheirneedsallowingfortwo wayexchangethroughout entire duration stay engagedinvolvedinvited participate discussions , etc . ; 3 ) Listening Sessions Settingaside timetolistenconcernsexpressedemployeesrelatedtomattercanmitigateagainst chancesresistance surfacing gain betterunderstandingcausebehind behaviors exhibitedoftenleadspathfindingresolution issues raisedmoremeaningful collaborative manner .

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