[Paper Solved]Using Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns framework , assess the health risks in your community. –

Health risks are prevalent in communities across the United States and can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors. In order to effectively assess health risks in my community, I would apply Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns framework. This framework provides an organized classification system for assessing a broad range of health issues and concerns. According to Gordon’s theory, there are 11 functional health patterns that can be used when evaluating a person’s or population’s health status: values, beliefs and lifestyle; nutritionalmetabolic; elimination; activity/exercise; sleep/rest; cognitiveperceptual pattern; selfperception/selfconcept; role/relationship pattern; sexuality pattern; coping/stress tolerance pattern and spiritual/value pattern.

Using Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns framework , assess the health risks in your community.

In terms of values, beliefs and lifestyle, my community has certain distinct characteristics which could potentially increase the risk of poor health outcomes for residents. For example, our cultural norms tend to emphasize traditional gender roles which limit women from engaging in certain activities independently such as seeking out healthcare information or participating in physical activity outside the home without permission from their male family members or guardians. Additionally, many households adhere strictly to religious customs which includes dietary restrictions that may hinder adequate nutrition leading to potential nutrient deficiencies over time.

In terms of nutritional metabolic patterns, food insecurity is still very much present within this region due to limited access to affordable produce options along with other healthy food items like lean proteins such as seafood or eggs. Studies have shown that lack of proper nutrition leads not only poorer physical but mental outcomes including increased depression among those affected by it due to the difficulty with managing daily tasks associated with work life balance alongside financial burden put on them will impact their overall well being if not addressed properly .

Elimination patterns also represent one source of poor health outcomes for residents living in my community as access to sanitation facilities is severely limited especially during natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes when sewage lines become clogged up resulting in contaminated water sources being used for drinking leading directly into cases dysentery outbreaks . Furthermore , inadequate screening practices amongst local healthcare providers further contribute towards spread diseases through shared use syringes or needles between patients .

Activity and exercise level varies significantly throughout this region based on income levels , availability recreational facilities nearby families home location . Those living low socio economic area often have limited resources available making it difficult sustain activity routine even if they want too while wealthier neighborhoods may boast multiple gyms within walking distance providing ample opportunity engage regular workout regime than average person residing more rural areas near ocean side where outdoor activities like surfing popular pastime instead working out indoors away harsh weather conditions all year round .

Sleep rest patterns also pose potential threat overall well being due large influx migrant workers coming work seasonal jobs temporary basis who don’t necessarily have access clean comfortable sleeping arrangements let alone adequate hours needed recovery each day after long shifts farming fields picking fruits vegetables etc… In addition those suffering mental illness because lack resources go professional care may experience disruption cycles keeping them awake longer then normal leading exhaustion any other related problems down line potentially affecting performance day job thus subsequently preventing from achieving desired goals life despite best efforts make ends meet financially speaking .

Cognitive perceptual patterns play an important role understanding how different individuals interact world around them based upon perceptions formed early childhood development stages – this particularly true impoverished areas where education children limited simply due inability parents afford send their child public school private educational institution so basic skills necessary understand consequences actions taken end result lower IQ test scores higher levels delinquency seen teenagers young adults act out frustration caused these situations lead potentially risky behavior endangering safety entire community itself .

Self perception / self concept largely influenced amount external influences individual’s life ranging social media pressure peers monetary constraints placed upon households order maintain sense normalcy society at large (i.e trying keep “up appearances” materialistic goods). People who come lower socioeconomic class often develop negative views themselves since unable achieve same standard living others who more privileged positions thus creating deep rooted feelings inferiority complex perpetuating cycle poverty generation after generation without intervention help break cycle bring about meaningful change future generations move forward successful lives beyond what anyone could ever imagine possible before hand ..

Role relationship patterns depend highly upon familial dynamics existing household extended family members usually provide support structure needed someone feel secure enough take bold steps toward achieving dreams such starting own business pursuing career field interests lies outside norm society outlines us although sometimes these expectations clash personal desires causing conflicts arise between older generations new age thinking whereby younger individuals pushing hard established traditions dictating should look act behave manner deemed acceptable majority culture today hence why open mindedness flexibility key resolving differences both sides compromising agreeing set boundaries order ensure peace harmony remains intact everyone involved we must always strive remain respectful understanding each others’ needs wants even midst disagreements …

Sexuality Pattern The attitudes regarding sexual orientation expression differ greatly depending demographic prevalent area however general trend seems be accepting nature most communities around here evolved point where people accept lifestyles choose live freely express themselves way comfortable while maintaining safe environment protect rights freedoms allowed all citizens regardless background belief systems place birth etc …. Coping Stress Tolerance Pattern Many folks face tough predicaments everyday some manage cope better than whereas struggle deal problem stressors presented everyday life high levels anxiety result strain relationships work conflict sensitive situations left unresolved longer period time eventually lead greater bouts depression suicidal ideations often times leading destruction destruction harmful substances thought relieve pain moment but ultimately cause far reaching consequences following prolonged substance abuse rehab centers extremely helpful recovering addicts teach techniques control impulses handling stressful daily routines without reliance drugs alcohol addition counseling sessions offered help improve psychological state mind addressing underlying root causes issues stemming outwardly showing symptoms begin heal wounds created trauma past experiences hope everyone given chance recover fill hearts love joy once again start journey towards healthier happier version themselves!

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