Assignment- Brandi Smith (Part A) Some of the most common safety concerns in today’s workplace include slips/trips/falls, hazardous material injuries and face/eye/respiratory injuries. “According to OSHA, slips, trips, and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents and 15 percent of all accidental deaths” (Saylor, n.d.

1.) Brandi Smith (Part A) Some of the most common safety concerns in today’s workplace include slips/trips/falls, hazardous material injuries and face/eye/respiratory injuries. “According to OSHA, slips, trips, and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents and 15 percent of all accidental deaths” (Saylor, n.d.). There is a constant of exposure to hazardous chemicals in many workplaces. In healthcare especially, workers are exposed to biohazards via the air and though contact and droplets. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed standards to help organizations minimize the risk of injury in the workplace. According to 1936.501 organizations must provide fall protection measures. The Hazard Communication law (1926.1200) requires organizations to clearly label all containers that contain chemicals or hazardous materials and to provide MSDS or Safety Data Sheets for workers. “The SDS includes information such as the properties of each chemical; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical” (OSHA, n.d.). Organizations are also required to provide PPE or personal protective equipment for use in the workplace.
One strategy that HR managers could create to help to mitigate these risks is to make sure that workers have access to information. Workers should know where to find safety data sheets and how to properly don and doff personal protective equipment.
OSHA. (n.d.). Hazard communication standards: Safety data sheets. Retrieved from:
Chapter 12: Safety and Health at Work in Human resource management. Retrieved from
2.) Kamlyn Yokoyama (Part B) Worker abuse is preventative in a workplace due to legal and statutory protections that are active. An outline of existing protections are regulations on a walking/working surfaces, occupational noise exposure, and protective equipment. The regulations of walking and working surfaces apply towards all permanent places of employment. This ensures that all rooms and flooring are kept clean and in order. This prevents incidents that can occur in places of employment. Occupational noise exposure is the regulation that “recognizes and defines ‘hearing loss’, on top of the already familiar ‘hearing impairment’ and ‘standard threshold shift’.” (Razali, A. 2019) Protective equipment, such as eye, face, and respiratory protection is a requirement also established by OSHA. This reduces employee exposure to hazards and chemicals. There are many issues in a workplace that can be managed and protected. The stress of a human being can impact them in many ways and it’s unfortunate that most of it comes from a workplace. An additional protection that I believe is needed is limiting the demands and micromanaging of a department and/or organization. Many managers and supervisors get away with treating their employees unfairly. Human Resource Management should create some type of protection that ensures that employees are not being targeted and bullied. “Symmetrical communication is conceptualized as “two-way communication that opts for mutual benefit and is characterized by openness, feedback, listening, opportunities for participation in the decision-making process, and accessibility” (Wang, Y. 2022) There should be a safe space to where employees are able to discuss their concerns. In my opinion, I believe that the mortgage industry could become the next fertile area for union organizing attempts. The reason why is because the mortgage industry is in high demand from purchasing a home to searching for hardship programs. Companies focused on finances puts pressure on employees to reach a certain quota. That causes pressure and stress. As mental illness is becoming a concern in society, this causes employee to collaborate in search of relief.
Razali, A. (2019). FMA (Noise) 1989 to OSHA (Noise) 2019 — Is it Worth the Wait? IIUM Medical Journal Malaysia, 18(2), 1–2.
Wang, Y. (2022). Exploring the effect of organization–employee relationships on employee communication behaviors on social media: The moderating role of position level. Psychology of Popular Media.… (Supplemental) HRMN 302 1.) Alysa Olvera (Activity 1) Negative Message: R.B. (fake name) is employed as a receptionist at a busy pediatric clinic, her primary role is to schedule children’s well appointments, as well as schedule sick appointments. Our pediatric office currently has a strict scheduling template consisting of 4- 30 min well visit appointments, 9-20 min sick appointments, 3- 20 min same day appointments, and 2-10 min virtual appointments per day. It is important that the 3 same-day appointments are kept un-booked until the day of, as they are used for emergencies and post-hospitalizations. R.B. has repeatedly booked well visits inappropriately into the 20 min same-day appointment slots. I along with another supervisor have given R.B. several verbal warnings (followed up by emails), and she has had retraining regarding this issue with no improvement, which led to formal counseling and a write-up being placed in her employee file. R.B was notified after her retraining, that any further scheduling errors would result in formal counseling and 3 formal counseling could result in termination. It is important to note that the scheduling system the clinic uses timestamps the medical record each time it is accessed. The timestamp provides the user’s name and job title, as well as the date and exact time the record was accessed and what action had been done (booking, rescheduling, cancelation, etc.)
I began the message by thanking both R.B. and the Union Representative for taking the time to meet with me and acknowledged that R.B. had successfully completed all the retraining requested of her. (I would consider this my buffer or cushion.) This leads me to my explanation. I then explained to both R.B. and the Union Representative that on the dates 5/19/2022, 5/24/2022, and 6/6/2022, same-day appointments had been booked with well-child appointments, well beyond the same-day time frame. I handed both R.B. and the Union Representative copies of the above appointments scheduling history with the mentioned time stamps. I reiterated that the inappropriate bookings were scheduled after R.B. had completed retraining in April. This leads me to the negative news that a formal counseling statement regarding inappropriate booking would be placed in R.B’s permanent employee file. I explained to both parties that this was her first formal write-up and written warning, I explained to her that if she continued the behavior, the next counseling would result in losing her booking privileges and a week of non-paid suspension. I then provided both R.B. and the Union Representative copies of all the previous informal email counseling, the records pertaining to her retraining, and a copy of the clinic booking guidelines for future references if needed. I then allowed R.B. and/or the Union Representative a chance to ask any questions or make any statements, which they both declined. I then emphasized to R.B. that the other supervisor and myself are always available to her if she has any scheduling questions or concerns. I then tried to redirect the conversation by emphasizing to R.B. that I was confident that she is fully capable of correctly performing her job duties and that I am excited to see her future improvement and growth.
The counseling and message were delivered face to face. R.B. has been on a PIP for several job-related issues and has requested a Union Representative be present anytime she is counseled, for this reason, I sent an email request with the date, time, and place for the meeting 1 week earlier. This allowed R.B. to adequately give the Union Representative notice to be present. The meeting took place in a board meeting room, this was to provide both a neutral and private environment. R.B., the Union Representative, an HR Representative, and I were all present for the counseling, in which we all remained seated at a table. I delivered the buffer/cushion with a calm, sincere demeanor and a smile. When delivering the explanation and negative news, I was aware of my tone, ensuring I did not come off as critical, accusatory, or demeaning, and presented both subjects very matter-of-factly and to the point. I professionally and politely provided both of them with a “paper trail” of supporting documents regarding the issue to eliminate any “she said/she said” claims as well as support my claims that every other avenue to resolve the issue had been exhausted. I remained professional, but sincere and encouraging when providing my redirection. Tone, body language, and being clear and concise are imperative when delivering negative news or counseling to employees (Negative News and Crisis Communication, n.d).
HRMN302-Chapter 17. (n.d). Negative News and Crisis Communication. Retrieved
2.)Samuel Mercado (Activity 1) I did have a situation which involved a local national in Germany that I used to supervise. In Germany I used to assist many individuals and families with passport or visa issues. My office consisted of four military (including myself) and two local nationals. It seemed that we were getting many complaints about one individual specifically. If anyone has ever been to Germany, a lot of the locals are very direct in wording. Although she was direct, her approach was delivered in a way that made customers feel attacked. She also displayed negative emotions to customers whenever she didn’t like the customers push back on guidance. Since there was a rise of complaints, I had to address the individual.
Buffer: Good morning, it’s important that we have this meeting as soon as possible.
Explanation: The intent of this meeting is to confront an issue that has been brought to my attention. Over the course of time, many customers have made complaints about your actions and emotions being displayed in a negative way. With the rise of complaints, I wanted to address the complaints to allow you the opportunity to understand the severity of the situation we have at hand.
Bad News: Since we’ve received many complaints about your approach, it’s important that I let you know that this meeting and the complaints filed on you, will be filed in your records. This is something we take very seriously as we want to treat our customers with respect. I know at times the customer may display push back on certain guidance. But you as an employee needs to be respectful. Additionally, this allows you knowledge of your actions if this was something you may have seen differently. The document I will have you sign is a Memorandum for Record that will help show any trends of workplace habits. Redirect: While this seems like it’s intended to highlight only bad behavior. If negative feedback is not received over the course of six months. The Memorandum for Record will be removed from your records. Everyone encounters what I like to call blind spots. No matter who you’re, issues need to be addressed. Because sometimes we may not know that we’re doing things wrong or displaying actions negatively until you get an outside perspective. Please use this as a tool to help guide you in the right direction. Any feedback that you have is always accepted by me and I’m always available for anything on your mind. I appreciate your time today! References:
Communication. (n.d.). Business communication for success. Retrieved from 3.) Anne Sluga (Activity 2) 1. January—Healthcare, Inc.
A hacker illegally accessed thousands of the new digital health care records on file with Healthcare, Inc. and posted them directly to the Internet in an early morning protest against invasion of privacy. The hacker has not been identified, but local law enforcement is on the scene investigating the incident and the offending Web sites have been taken offline. Your company has received hundreds of calls concerning the incident. The federal government required the conversion to digital records last year, and your company complied with the order. Your company used a government-approved vendor for a no-bid installation of hardware and software to secure the digital records. You represent Healthcare, Inc.
Crisis Plan:
The formation of a communication team is the first step in the process of developing a crisis plan (Communication, n.d.). To offer us additional planning support, I would put together a communication team to include management, members of the communications team, me as the company’s representative, and a government representative. I would make sure that members of the communication team and I are prepared to answer media inquiries and provide relevant information. The government representative would also play a role in helping the team prepare for inquiries, and their presence would show transparency.
The second element of the crisis plan is to select an appropriate meeting location (Communication, n.d.). The meeting would be hosted at the company’s main building. We would want to show the public and clients that we are not attempting to hide what occurred. We would want to show that everyone is working together and that we are taking steps to solve the problem and keep it from happening again.
A crisis plan’s third part is the designation of a spokesperson (Communication, n.d.). As the company’s representative, I would fulfill this role. I would make sure to coordinate with my team to know the ins and outs of the investigation process, and know every step the company is taking to fix the problem. A media procedure is the last step. I would invite local media outlets to a press conference. I would begin the conference by making a statement about the situation and give the opportunity to ask questions while maintaining the conversation’s focus on the topic at hand. To avoid adding gasoline to the fire, I would make sure to keep the meeting as brief as possible. I would make sure that phone calls and emails are directed to designated representatives that are in the loop of the process and are prepared to answer questions from clients.
Communication. (n.d.). Business communication for success. Retrieved from
4.) Nicole Freeman (Activity 2) Crisis Communication Plan September—Headache Pills, Inc.
A person in New York died of cyanide poisoning, supposedly after taking a 200-mg
Headache Pill made by your company. Your headache pills come in sealed, tamper-
resistant packaging with child-proof protective caps. Some stores are voluntarily
taking your product off the market. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has
announced an investigation, and the family of the person who died has threatened to
sue. You represent Headache Pills, Inc.
1. Crisis Communication team members:
John Dowe, President and CEO
Peter Tung, Sr. V.P. Finance
Randy Mars – Director of Operations
Martha Rogers, Human Resources Director
Tom Daley, Sr. V.P. Gov’t Relations/Advisor
Jennifer Fraley, Legal Counsel/Advisor
2. Designated spokesperson – Nicole Freeman, Public relations/Communications
3. Meeting place/location – Heide Pharmaceuticals Headquarters, East Courtyard
25000 Jefferson Blvd E
Washington, DC 20006
4. Media Plan/Press Conference
Draft a press release/invitation to the media stating time, date and location of the press conference with a subject line and contact info for follow-up.
Designate a greeter for the media, to provide printed copies of the actual statement
Moderator introduces spokesperson and states that there will not be an opportunity for questions following the press conference
Spokesperson will read the statement sharing the known facts stating:
Condolences to the family for the loss of their family member from New York who died from cyanide poisoning supposedly after taking 200 mg of the manufactured head ache pill Lexumor. The exact time of death is unknown
It is not confirmed whether there were any other persons involved other than the individual who died
We are not aware of how this happened
We are not aware of the facts behind if the drug ingested was indeed Lexumor
Leadership is also looking into what occurred and will cooperate with any ongoing investigations. Lastly there no further information to be shared at this time.
Communication. (n.d.). Business communication for success. Retrieved from

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